IMEI Service

1020# Alcatel Calculator Code By Imei + PRD(SRO) Service

1.How to check Imei&PRD 

As shown.On the back of the phone is marked with PRD information.

if individual models no PRD, please fill SRO.

2.How check Sro?


Power On the Phone and Type *#837# Or *#3228#
- Search in the list SRO name, starts with 'X' letter
- Click in SRO NAME and fill it ( 8 or 12 digits )
- Write in SRO field for example XM66NA40


3.False information will NO REFUNDS / NO CANCELLATIONS.

The unlock code is calculated based on the information provided.

a)If you provide false information it will get the wrong unlock code.

b)Phone can not enter the unlock code.I'm sorry, we also don not refund these credits for you.

1-3 days

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